Investment & Logistics

This investment will ensure the successful launch and long-term prosperity of the agricultural, fishery and logistics projects in Somali. The types of long-term capital investments in which businesses might choose to invest their funds in may include pure capital investments which refer to the acquisition of real or fixed assets such as land, farmlands, equipment and machinery which are intended to be retained for a long period of time.

The company started its operations with the Agricultural/Fishing and Logistics business on a minimum scale. GUNAX AGRIFISH & LOGISTIC COMPANY LTD is a new AGRAFISH and logistic company in Somalia and Sweden that provides the best and reliable supply chain services to its customers.

We provide standard service and supply chain solutions enabled by the secured transportation, infrastructure and leading-edge technology.

We have strong relations with logistic shipping companies for providing Transportation, Facilitation and Distribution Solutions.

GUNAX AGRIFISH & LOGISTICS COMPANY LTD manages customers’ supply chain on the national/international companies. Providing value to our customers is our most priority and our employees achieve this by working with full dedication and efficiency. We have highly skilled and experienced work forced. For strong and sustainable relations, we are the key partner to our valued customers.

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